CBE Qualified Participating Faculty and Lecturer Activities


Generally, faculty with tenured and tenure-track appointments are participating faculty because of their professional obligations to teaching, research and service. While not all temporary (lecturer) appointments include responsibilities beyond teaching and office hours, a lecturer will be considered a participating faculty member if they are involved in at least one of the following types of activities beyond classroom instruction and office hours:

1. Regular attendance at department, college, and/or university meetings

2. Active participation in college-sponsored workshops and seminars

3. Participation in a curriculum-related activity, such as curriculum reviews and updates, learning assurance and continuous improvement planning, or gathering and analysis of assessment data

4. Engaging in activities associated with strategic planning, faculty recruiting, or student recruiting

5. Service on a department, college or university committee or task force such as semester conversion

6. Participation in the activities of a department, college or university advisory board

7. Representing the college at university activities such as commencement and alumni relations events

8. Engaging in outreach connecting the college to professional and industry leaders, including participating on business community boards and professional associations

9. Service as an advisor to a CBE student organization

10. Participation in a department, college or university student-focused activity such as advising, mentoring, internship supervision, or judging of student projects (if interaction with students is included)

11. Preparation and delivery of instruction in non-degree education sponsored by the college, such as certificate programs

12. Participation in activities that contribute to the broad upward mobility mission of the college such as creating internships or leading Placement Center professional development activities

13. Participation in an activity that contributes to the scholarship mission of the college

Supporting faculty members do not participate in the operational life of the school beyond the direct performance of teaching responsibilities. Their responsibilities are normally limited exclusively to teaching and appointment is ad hoc.