Mission Statement

The Accounting Department at California State University, Los Angeles equips men and women with intellectual and professional tools for accounting and related careers in dynamic, global, and multicultural organizations.


  1. To provide an up-to-date curriculum with emphasis on high scholastic standards that is in accordance with the guidelines of such professional groups as the Accounting Education Change Commission, as well as with the needs of the students and the accounting community served by Cal State LA.
  2. To incorporate the latest teaching and advising strategies and technologies available. This goal which emphasizes the importance of teaching is supported by the currency of technical knowledge of the faculty obtained through professional activity, consulting and special training programs.
  3. To recruit talented and versatile faculty members who can teach in multiple areas of accounting.
  4. To assist existing faculty in broadening their areas of teaching expertise and to seek professional experiences including internships for accounting faculty in need of such experience.
  5. To encourage and expand student and faculty participation in various student organizations within the Department.
  6. To expand the availability of internships available to accounting students.
  7. To re-evaluate the advisement process for accounting majors with an objective of streamlining the process of providing technical advisement information and improving the quality of career counseling and guidance.
  8. To re-evaluate the Master of Science in Accounting program from the ground up to insure that it is relevant, deliverable and supportable with appropriate candidates and resources.
  9. To interact with the University and School Development Officers to devise programs to secure external resources for the department and to build support from alumni who have graduated from our accounting programs.