We are the Art History Society at Cal State LA and are an organization dedicated to community involvment in the arts. 


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Email: ahscsula@gmail.com

Phone: (323) 343- 4054

We meet every second and fourth Tuesday at 4:30 p.m in the Fine Arts Reference Library on the 3rd floor!

Officers of the Art History Society of 2018/2019: 

Raquel Rojas, President

Erika Garcia, Vice President

Vanessa Bravo, Secretary

April Ramos, Treasurer

Stacy Santillan, Public Relations 

Active Members: 

Edson Martinez, Connie Mendoza, Saul Aguilera, Elizabeth Gamma, Greggory Lewis, and Stephanie Pineda. 




Dr. Manuel Aguilar-Moreno

Professor of Art History, Cal State LA

Phone/Ext: (323) 343-4054

Email: maguila2@calstatela.edu 


One of the main goals of my life is to be a "Maestro" (a Professor with the ability to be an inspiring force in my students and to give them part of my heart and soul), through sharing with them relevant knowledge that will help them to be better human beings and discover the meaning of life. As tools for my goal, I have traveled in four continents doing interdisciplinary studies of Art, History, Anthropology and Philosophy. Also I have taught many different subjects that combine diverse disciplines with the intention to know and understand the reality in an integral way. 

My main teaching area at present is the Art and Culture of Latin America, with specialties in Pre-Columbian, Colonial and Modern Mexico.

Dr. Manuel Aguilar's Instructional page