WSCUC Town Halls

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OCTOBER 17 & repeated OCTOBER 30
3:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Golden Eagle Ballroom 3

Topics discussed included:

  • Student Success (Learning, Retention, Graduation)
  • Quality Assurance and Improvement (Program Review, Assessment)
  • Sustainability (Financial Viability)

OCTOBER 25 & repeated OCTOBER 26
3:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Golden Eagle Ballroom 3

Topics discussed included:

  • Degree Programs (Meaning, Quality, Integrity)
  • Educational Quality (Student Learning, Core Competencies)


WSCUC Town Hall Flyer

Thank you to all who attended the WSCUC Town Halls. The WSCUC Steering Committee appreciates all of the valuable feedback that students, staff, faculty, and administrators provided. After a review of the 448 qualitative feedback notes, the following themes emerged:

Essay 3

Service -Learning opportunities (Strength)

Preparation for graduate education (Opportunity for Improvement)

Access to classes (Opportunity for Improvement)

Transfer/Articulation agreements with community colleges (Opportunity for Improvement)

Resources and opportunities for undergraduate research (Strength and Opportunity for Improvement)

Involving alumni in ways other than donations (Opportunity for Improvement)

Alumni employment in their field (question)

Career advisement (Opportunity for Improvement)

Diversity (Strength)

Essay 4

More support for Oral Communication across the curriculum, including support for ESL (Opportunity for Improvement)

Student’s involvement in assessment (Opportunity for Improvement)

Communication of ILOs to faculty, including lecturers (Opportunity for Improvement)

More support for development of the core competencies throughout GE (Opportunity for Improvement)

Essay 5

Resource awareness (Opportunity for Improvement)

Student Life/Mental Health support (Strength)

Support for other psycho-social factors (DACA, food insecurity, veterans) that affect academic performance (Strength)

Transfer orientation (Opportunity for Improvement)

Essay 6

Survey fatigue (Opportunity for Improvement)

Knowledge of PLOs and how to assess them (Opportunity for Improvement)

Essay 7

Parking (Opportunity for Improvement)

Transparency of indirect costs (Opportunity for Improvement)

Graduate student success initiatives (Opportunity for Improvement)