GMAT Fee Waiver Application

GMAT Fee Waivers help eligible and current Cal State LA students defray the cost of the GMAT exam. Cal State LA receives 10 fee waivers annually and selection is based on availability and financial need.*

If awarded a waiver, test takers will receive a code, which they will enter when they register for their GMAT appointment online at Each fee waiver code is good for the entire GMAT fee and must be used by the expiration date given.

We strongly recommend submitting your GMAT fee waiver application at least 30 days before you register for the GMAT.

Current Students are limited to ONE fee waiver per cycle.

To apply for a GMAT Fee Waiver, please submit the following:

*Update: The 10 GMAT Waivers for the year 2018-2019 have been claimed, and no more waivers are available. After February 2019, we will be able to request new waivers and reopen this form. (9/10/2018)

In no more than 350 words, please describe your financial need and why you are applying for a GMAT Fee Waiver.