Eagle Alert and CFS FAQs

Eagle Alert

What is an Eagle Alert?

An Eagle Alert is part of the university’s emergency notification system designed to provide quick and reliable mass communication to students, faculty and staff during emergencies affecting the university using email messages to Cal State L.A. email addresses and text messages to mobile phone numbers.

When will an Eagle Alert be issued?

Eagle Alert messages will be sent when an emergency situation affecting the university arises, including fires, earthquakes, and acts of violence or situations posing an imminent threat to life, health and/or the safety of our campus community. The University will also use Eagle Alerts periodically to conduct tests of our emergency preparedness program to ensure that the system is working properly.

Who will receive Eagle Alerts?

All currently enrolled Cal State L.A. students, faculty, and staff will receive Eagle Alerts.

Do I need to register for Eagle Alert emergency notifications?

No. All currently enrolled Cal State L.A. students, faculty, and staff will automatically be enrolled in the Eagle Alert emergency notification system utilizing the contact information for each individual currently within the university’s Student Administration and Human Resources systems. It is therefore important that individuals verify their contact information.

How do I verify and/or change my contact information?

Student Instructions

Faculty/Staff Instructions

Is there a cost to receive Eagle Alerts?

There is no charge for the service, but text messaging fees from mobile phone service providers may apply. Please contact your cellular provider directly for your specific rate and billing information.

Why is Cal State L.A. using the Eagle Alert emergency notification system as an “opt-out” program versus “opt-in” like it used to be?

The old emergency notification system required individuals to register their own information into the system, but that system resulted in very low participation, leaving many members of the campus community without receiving the benefit of time-sensitive emergency notifications.

Can I opt out of receiving emergency notifications?

If you do not wish to be included in our Eagle Alert emergency notifications, you can opt-out of receiving text messages. However, we strongly advise against that because in a time of crisis, it is important that we have every option available to reach you.

Also, while you may opt-out from receiving text messages to a personal mobile phone number, you will continue to receive emergency notifications at your campus email address, as the University uses email as the official form of communication.

Faculty/Staff - If you would like to opt out of receiving emergency text messages, please contact Human Resources Management at 323-343-3694.

Students - If you would like to opt out of receiving emergency text messages, change the phone number field labeled “Mobile” to either “Main” or “Other.” Instructions for updating your phone numbers can be found on the Student Mobile Phone Update page.


What do I need to do to log into CFS?

Log to the myCalStateLA portal and click on the red 'CFS' button.

When I click on Process Monitor to print my requisition, I get an error that I am not authorized, what happened?

One major change in CFS is how to print requisitions. You will no longer use Process Monitor to print but will use Report Manager instead. Please visit our web page for new online requisition instructional guides covering this change.

How do I get help with a problem in CFS (PeopleSoft)?

Open a ticket to request assistance.

What do I do if I forgot my My Password or User Name?

Your user name and password for CFS (PeopleSoft Financials) is the same as your network ID and password which is now your myCalStateLA ID and Password. If you need to reset your password, go to myCalStateLA and click on Forgot Password.

Is there a time-out on the system that will automatically log me out?

The timeout for all users is set to 20 minutes.

How do I get access to CFS Financials?

If you current have access to CFS and require additional access, submit the Financials Account Modification Request form.  If you are a new CFS user, submit the Financials Account Request form.

Is the system available all the time? Even nights and weekends?

In general, the system is available every day. There are scheduled maintenance windows that could delay access to the system.

Can I access CFS from my home computer?

CFS is available via the Internet and does not require special access to connect from home. (For information on telecommuting, please contact your manager.)

Can I access CFS on a Macintosh computer?

Yes. If you work on a Mac, you will be able to access the system. The Finance databases are accessed via the Internet, so there is no extra software necessary.

What do I do if a page is stuck?

Select the 'Stop' button.  Using the 'Back' button may cause you to lose data.

I timed out - can I get my data back?

No - any unsaved transactions will be lost.