Standard O: Skip Navigation

A method shall be provided that permits users to skip repetitive navigation links.

Note: If you have a website on the new web platform, your pages automatically a have a link to skip navigation. There is no need to a add one.

Adding a Skip to Content Link

A skip to content link needs to be provided on every webpage. The link should immediately move to the body of the page and bypass the common navigation making navigation more efficient for screen readers or keystroke navigation. If you are using the university template or the new web platform, the skip link is already included. If not, the following code must be inserted right after the <BODY> tag:

<div><a href="#maincontent" id="skipper">Skip to content</a></div>

This code will jump to the element with an ID attribute named "maincontent". It can be any HTML element such as <P>, <SPAN>, <TABLE>, etc. The following code is an example of a <DIV> element. Make sure to apply the maincontent ID value to the element that contains the beginning of your page content.

<div id="maincontent">Hi!</div>