Standard I: Frames

Frames shall be titled with text that facilitates frame identification and navigation.

The use of frames is not recommended since they sometimes give screen readers trouble. If you must use frames, name the frames to inform users of the purpose they serve. To ensure accessibility across multiple screen readers, markup frames in three different places to ensure accessibility. In addition, link to another "non-frames" web site if a user cannot access frames.

Label frames inside the frame tag itself using the title and name attributes of the frame tag.

<frameset cols="15%, 85%">
    <frame src="menu.html" title="Navigation menu" name="menu">
    <frame src="content1.html" title="Main content" name="content">
    <p>Your browser does not support frames. Here is the <a href="main-noframes.html"> non-frame based version of the document.</a></p>

Make sure to supply an alternate page users can go to in case their browser does not support frames.

Inline Frame (iframe)

Iframe has not been formally deprecated but it is not supported in XTHML Strict. Make sure your page has a correct doctype declaration.

<iframe src="webpage.htm" title="Sample" width="40%" height="80">
  <p>If you can see this text, your browser does not support iframes.
  <a href="webpage.htm">View the content of this inline frame</a> within your browser.</p>