Web Accessibility Project Calendar

Timeline & Requirements for Year 2016/17

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) and Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 require the CSU to provide qualified individuals with disabilities equal access to their programs, services, or activities. Access to the Internet and its resources is considered an area where the ADA applies. The need to make websites, web applications, and digital content accessible is also underscored by California Government Code 11135, which applies Section 508 requirements to the CSU. The ubiquity of the Internet in delivering information and providing services is reason to make its accessibility a priority for the CSU.

Creating and maintaining accessible websites will be ongoing. The dynamic nature of the web and the continuous updating of content requires a process that can be facilitated by the use of an enterprise-wide web evaluation and monitoring tool along with well-defined campus policy and implementation procedures.

Task Description Responsible Due Date Status

Focused Focus Accessibility Program – a review of the focus checkpoints A, C, I, and Links performed on the most critical external facing pages with central ITS making the needed corrections expeditiously.    

ITS Web Services

Fall 2016 Completed

Pilot the use of SSB AMP accessibility testing tool.

ITS Web Services, ATI Web Subcommittee, and ITS Training 

Spring 2017

In Progress

Vendor SSB review of the Cal State LA Web Accessibility Program.  

SSB, ITS Web Services, ATI Web Subcommittee

Spring 2017 In Progress

Implement SiteCues

ITS Web Services, ATI Web Working Group, Web Management Committee

Fall 2016 In Progress

Migrate legacy websites to Drupal

ITS Web Services, ATI Web Subcommittee, ITS Training, Faculty, and all campus web support persons

Summer 2017 In Progress

2015/2016 Project Calendar

Task Description Responsible Due Date Status

Expand and provide training related to accessibility of digital audio content

ITS Training Winter Quarter Completed

Implement the CSU Checkpoints for Compliance Sheriff.

ITS Web Services

Fall Quarter


Expand ATI web reporting to include auxiliaries.

ITS Web Services Winter Quarter Not Completed

Expand ATI web communications to include vendors.

ITS Web Services

Spring Quarter Completed

Retire and replace ITS videos that cannot and are not closed-captioned.

ITS Multi Media and Client Support Services

Fall Quarter Completed


2014/2015 Project Calendar

Task Description Responsible Due Date Status
Exception Process ATI Web Subcommittee 2/2015


Update ATI web site Web Services,  ATI Steering Committee, ATI Web Subcommittee,ATI Procurement and ATI Instructional Materials Subcommittees 12/2014 Completed
Compliance Sheriff Deputy Web Services and ATI Web Subcommittee 12/2014 Completed
Web Inventory Alex Harwood and Web Services Team 2/2015 Completed
Communication and Training for Campus Community Chair of ATI Web Subcommittee, ITS Training 2/2015 On Going

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