Request for Exemption

Exemption and Review

When online materials cannot comply with Section 508 and WCAG 2.0 AA standards due to the nature of the content or the constraints of the technology, then a request for an exemption must be made. These exemptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis and submitted to the ATI Web Accessibility Working Group for review. The working group will either forward the webpage to a higher level web design expert if it can be redesigned for accessibility or an alternative page must be used to provide equal access to the content, or the exemption will be granted by the ATI Steering Committee. The ATI Steering Committee bears the responsibility of effectively communicating when an exemption to Section 508 is granted, and the working group will provide online documentation describing the procedure for providing timely access to that information.

Handling Alternative Language for Inaccessible Pages

When Cal State LA webpages do not meet accessibility requirements, the responsible office must provide alternative methods for obtaining information. Materials that are inaccessible must be described on the page with an explanation on how to obtain the information, depending on the extent and nature of the accessibility issue. A page with inaccessible navigation elements should be replaced with a temporary accessible webpage. An inaccessible form could remain in place with additional language describing the alternative way of completing the form.

Remediation Language

Upon receiving a report showing accessibility issues with a webpage, the appropriate web administrator responsible for identified Section 508 compliance issues must repair the online content. Otherwise, alternative access information needs to be added to the page to provide alternative access to the information or the page has to be withdrawn. If there is no known resolution to the accessibility issues, the web administrator must follow the exemption process and submit a Web Access Exemption Form to the overseeing ATI Steering Committee.