Advisement Contacts


Advising appointments are strongly encouraged. Students must make an appointment in advance to guarantee advisement time with a staff advisor, especially during peak periods (first two weeks of every quarter, registration periods, and graduation application filing periods). Appointments are scheduled on a first come first serve basis for 30 minutes and must be scheduled in advance. Students may make appointments by contacting the advisors listed below:





Chicas, Evelyn



Espinoza, Evelyn

(323) 343-5061

MUS 233

Jackson, Jennifer

(323) 343-4298

ET A610

Urban, Rick

(323) 343-4080

MUS 234


If students are not able to keep their appointments, they must contact the advisor as soon as possible to cancel or reschedule for another time. Students may have their appointments cancelled if they are more than 10 minutes late.


Walk-in advisement appointments are welcomed and are available on a first-come-first-serve basis, provided a staff advisor’s schedule permits. During busy times (first two weeks of every quarter, registration periods, and graduation application deadlines), wait times may vary extensively. To avoid long wait time, students are encouraged to schedule an appointment. If students need assistance with only quick questions (“where do I…how do I…where is…) or to get a quick referral, they are free to ask without an appointment. However, if the advisor believes that a student’s question or inquiry cannot be satisfactorily addressed in a few minutes, they may be directed to schedule an appointment instead.

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