Space Needs Assessment - FAQs

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Why do we need a space assessment?

Academic Affairs needs to make sure we know what resources we have and determine if we are using them to best meet the needs of our faculty, staff, and students. As departments and units change in size and functional emphases, their space needs evolve. We are bringing in recognized experts in this field to analyze our use of space and give use recommendations about how we might adjust our space usage to match our current and future needs, in line with our Strategic Plan.

What will we do with the results of the assessment?

This process will result in a final report that will include comprehensive data on Academic Affairs space usage and recommendations for changes. The data and recommendations will then guide discussions with faculty, staff, and administrators. All decisions about reallocation or refurbishing of space will be the result of consultative processes, and will be subject to budgetary considerations.

Do I need to be present or give information on my office or lab space?

Most faculty and staff will not need to participate directly in this assessment. However, there will be opportunities to check the accuracy of the space data we collect and to give input as to present and future space needs.