TVF Faculty

The Television, Film & Media Studies Faculty on retreat, May 14th, 2005.<br />
First Row: Alan Bloom, John Ramirez, Suzanne Regan, Kelly Madison<br />
Second Row:  Blake Jackson, Enrique Berumen,  Chey Acuna, Jon Beaupre<br />
Back Row: Robert Vianello, Tony Cox, Steve Classen

Chey Acuna, Professor; M.F.A., UCLA
Video Production.

Jon Beaupre, Associate Professor of Television Production/Broadcast Journalism; MFA, Tisch School of the Arts, New York University

Enrique Berumen, Associate Professor; M.F.A., USC
Screenwriting, Documentary Production.

Alan Bloom, Professor; M.F.A., California College of Arts and Crafts
Film and Video Directing.

Steven Classen, Professor; Ph.D., U. of Wisconsin, Madison
Cultural Studies and Media History.

Tony Cox, Associate Professor of Television Production/Broadcast Journalism; M.F.A., UCLA

Kristiina Hackel, Professor; M.F.A., Ph.D., USC
Film, Television, Screenwriting.

Blake Jackson, Professor; M.F.A., USC

Kelly Madison, Professor; Ph.D., USC
Cultural Studies, Race and Ethnicity, Violence and Media.

Jane McKeever, Assistant Professor; M.F.A., UCLA
Sound Design.

Bridget Murnane, Associate Professor; M.F.A., UCLA
Producing, Directing, Editing, Videography.

John Ramirez, Professor; Ph.D., UCLA
Documentary History, Theory and Criticism.

Suzanne Regan, Professor; Ph.D., U. of Massachusetts
Film History, Theory and Aesthetics.

Robert Vianello, Professor; Ph.D., UCLA
Television History, Theory and Criticism, Media Industry Studies.