BA Advisement Flier

General Advisement Issues – Transfer

It takes a minimum
of 180 units to earn a BA Degree with a Sociology

à Transfer
units are counted 2 different ways:

(1) Requirements satisfied by transfer units are counted as “satisfied”
regardless of the total number of units taken.

(2) There is a 105 unit “cap” on community college units that count
toward the 180 required for graduation.

(3) There is no cap on 4-year college/university transfer units. HOWEVER,
CSULA “residency” requirements are:


à Transfer
students MUST complete a minimum of 45 units on THIS campus. 36 of these units
MUST be in upper-division courses. Of these 36 upper division units, 12 units
MUST be in the GE Theme, and 18 units MUST be in the major program.  


Transfer student GE requirements vary by the GE Year stated on acceptance
letter. Rules stated here are for the GE year of 1997 or later – this applies
to virtually all of our transfer students. English 102 is required for GE 1993
and later.


It takes a full 1 to 2 quarters after
enrollment for the evaluators to “translate” the transfer course transcripts
– Meanwhile, we can still
advise incoming transfer students as follows:


 à ALL community college courses translate into
100/200-level courses at CSUA; students can take 300/400-level.

 à The Theme MUST be taken at CSULA; transfer
students may start with 1 or more theme courses.

 à Check the course substitutions sheet (or the
computer link to many community college catalogs provided by Gretchen)

       to determine if transfer courses are equivalent to SOC 201,
SOC 210a and/or SOC 210b. If so, indicate this on the file

       copy of the BA program sheet so computer-based advisors can
enter the substitution into appropriate database.


2 units à  NSS 301 (MUST be taken 1st or 2nd
quarter here – otherwise CSULA may freeze their enrollment)


4 units à  ENGL 102 (or transfer equivalent) – MUST earn
C or better as prerequisite to the WPE (Writing Proficiency

Exam/University 400) required prior to 130 units. Urgent
for students with many transfer units.


201 (any Introduction to Sociology
transfer course is acceptable)

SOC 210a               (any
3-unit quarter or semester statistics transfer course is acceptable)

SOC 210b 
             (any 4-unit semester
statistics transfer course satisfies BOTH 210a and 210b)


NOTE: Upper-division sociology work
transferred from 4-year colleges is also applicable to Sociology program. Make notes on file copy of the BA program sheet so computer-based
advisors can enter the substitution into appropriate database.


the breakdown for transfer students is similar to that for incoming freshmen,
including the 8-units of diversity:

à  NSS 301

à GE Theme

Degree Program

à ENGL 102 or equivalent

96 units                  à Lower division GE + Free choice elective units


96 units are a combination of Lower Division
GE requirements and free choice electives.

The distribution varies because our contracts
with local community colleges allow them to “Certify” GE as completed (fully or
by GE Block or GE course). Certification ALWAYS over-rides our GE requirement
specifications in that area. For example, if the community college certifies a
student as “complete” in Block B (sciences) with 1 lab science and 1 non-lab
science, we may not require the additional lab science. Thus, some students
complete their GE work with fewer than the 60 units they would have done here –
in which case the number of free choice elective units will be larger than the
usual 36 – all students MUST have at least 180 units to graduate.   IMPORTANT: consequently, advise
students to wait for the evaluation of their transcripts before deciding which
GE courses they may still need.


Generally these issues come up only after the
University evaluates the transfer transcript. 
At this point the student receives a letter with all the transferred
coursework printed out alongside the CSLA equivalency judgment, and should make
a follow-up appointment with one of the advisors doing computer-based


advisement of initial transfer students is the same as that for entering