Service Center

767 North Hill ST. 

Los Angeles, Ca 90063

(213) 808-1702

Contact person: Judy Ng: Director of Human Resources

E-mail contact persons:

Contact hours: Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm. 

Agency URL (web address):

Services or activities: Counseling, family health (education and
clinic), social services (case management), translation, workforce development,
community economic development, various youth programs (there is a whole other
center for across the street)

Ages and ethnicity of those served: Mostly Chinese
clients of all ages. Adults are usually monolingual (Cantonese) new
immigrants. Youth often speak English.

Length of minimum commitment: Flexible, depends on the

Hours per week: Flexible. Available evening and weekend (less
consistent) hours.

Formal training program: No, training involves shadowing
and "on the job training". There is a brief orientation which
includes information packets.

Personal qualities of volunteers: Outgoing and motivated
to help.

Required skills/qualities: Depends on placement. For longer term
work with adults student will likely have to be bilingual.

Additional requirements:  If working long term with youth
you must submits finger prints for background check.

Direct supervision: Yes, varies by department

Supervision entails: Varies by department

Additional comments: 



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