CSLA:Michael L. Wapner - Last updated 1/15/03

School of Natural and Social Sciences
Department of Psychology

Michael L. Wapner
Associate Professor of Psychology

Office: KH A3042
Phone: (323) 343-2285
FAX: (323) 343-2281
Email: mwapner@jupiter.calstatela.edu


 | Teaching Interests  | Research Interests
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Teaching Interests

Research Interests

Representative Professional Activities

Educational Background

Fall'2003 Schedule

Course Sect. No. Title Units Day & Time Room
Psy. 308 01-14261 Theories & Systems 4 MW 420-600pm KHB3008
Psy. 424 01-14285 Cognitive Psychology 4 MW 610-750pm KHB3008

Office Hours

Day Time

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