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Hank Schlinger
 Professor of Psychology

Office: KH A2257

Phone: (323) 343-22257 FAX: (323) 343-2281



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I am primarily interested in encouraging students and others in the culture
to think critically and skeptically about all claims relating to the
behavior of humans and nonhumans. In a related manner, my teaching, research
and writing are all geared toward promoting psychology as a natural science
of behavior.

Teaching Interests

I teach all courses related to the M. S. degree in Psychology, Applied
Behavior Analysis (ABA) option, including Single-Case Research Design
(PSY417), Psychology of Learning and Behavior (PSY 421), Introduction to
Behavior Analysis (PSY 428), and the graduate Seminars in Learning and
Behavior (PSY 500) and in Applied Behavior Analysis (PSY 528). I am also
interested in offering graduate seminars in verbal behavior and conceptual
issues in behavior analysis. My goal is to train competent behavior analysts
and scientific thinkers.

Research Interests

My research interests in general are in the area of basic
learning processes in humans and nonhumans. Specifically, I have published
research in the experimental analysis of behavior and behavioral pharmacology
(mostly with nonhumans). More recently, I have published several articles on
coneptual issues in psychology (e.g., intelligence, evolutionary psychology,
nature/nurture, methods and theories in psychology) as well as a book on a
behavior-analytic view of child development and an introductory textbook in
psychology. I also write the "Behavioral Health" column in the Arroyo Monthly
magazine. My plan for research at CSULA is to begin to look at problems relating
to verbal behavior in children with and without autism.


Date Title
2005 Schlinger, H. D. How the human got its mind: Debunking the last great myth
in psychology. Skeptic, 11, 48-53.
2004 Schlinger, H. D. How psychology can keep its promises: A response to Lana.
Journal of Mind and Behavior, 25, 277-286.
2004 Schlinger, H. D. The almost blank slate: Making a case for human nurture.
Skeptic, 11, 34-43.
2004 Schlinger, H. D. Why psychology hasnÂ’t kept its promises. Journal of Mind
and Behavior, 25, 123-144.
2004 Schlinger, H. D. A review of The Science of Romance: Secrets of the Sexual
Brain by Nigel Barber. The Psychological Record, 54, 163-166.

Educational Background

Ph.D. Psychlogy/Applied Behavior Analysis

  • Western Michigan University

    Kalamzaoo, MI

M.A. Experimental Psychology

  • Southern Methodist University

    Dallas, TX

B. S. Psychology

  • Southern Methodist University

    Dallas, TX

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