Department of Psychology

The Department of Psychology


The Peer Advisement Center

The Academic Advisement Center Designed Especially for Psychology Majors

The Academic Adivisement Center is a vital asset to he Psychology
Department and undergraduate students. It is here that students receive advice and
information concerning the curriculum that they will need to follow in order to earn their
Bachelor's Degree.

At the Advisement Center the new student is able to receive information
from others who can readily understand their perspective and concerns, namely other students.
All the advisers are students, many of whom had the same questions about their academic
objectives when they first arrived on campus. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) are readily accessible
for general student information. Further, students are encouraged to meet with student
advisors as a first step in completing their official Bachelor's degree program.

The coordinator of the Advisement Center is Alex Chavarria, who originally worked as an adviser before taking over the duties of the
coordinator. She is in charge of the training and scheduling of the advisers that are currently
staffing the facility. She also conducts new student orientations students about CSLA and the Psychology Department. The overall supervisoral responsibilities of the center are held by Dr. Michael W. Roffe.

Another important function of the Advisement Center is to assist
transferring students to adapt to the quarter system and the university setting, which can
be a frightening experience for even the best of incoming students. The new student is able
to meet other students at the advisement office and see a familiar face on a regular basis.
At the Advisement Center, we also tell students about the Psychology Club and encourage them
to join and take part in the fun and social aspects that it has to offer.

In sum, the Advisement Center is a vital part of the Psychology
Department, focusing on the academic requirements for students, yet encouraging the
interaction between students and faculty. It is this kind of committment that makes the
department and the university as a whole an important resource for the community.

At the Advisement Center you can receive help with day-to-day and long-range issues, as in the following:
  • Exploring your interests in psychology.
  • Solving administrative problems.
  • Applying to the University
  • Selecting courses
  • Evaluating transfer credit.
  • Researching other institutions.
  • Understanding the General Education Program
  • Creating a Psychology Bachelor of Arts Program.
  • Learning about careers in psychology.
  • Joining professional organizations.
  • Selecting graduate programs.
  • Partcipating in Department social events.
  • Accessing other support programs on campus.

    Hours of Operation

    Monday through Thursday 8:00 am until 8:00 pm "Drop-in advisement" during the quarter. (The schedule may vary during finals week and quarter break).


    King Hall C3062 (Across the hall from the elevators)
    Phone: (323) 343-2268

    "Students are the most important people on campus."


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