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School of Natural and Social


Department of Psychology

Nancy J. Cobb
Professor of Psychology

Office: KH C3060

Phone: (213) 343-2258

FAX: (213) 343-2281

Email: ncobb2@calstatela.edu


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Teaching Interests


teach courses in developmental psychology, both child and

adolescence, and a laboratory course in methodology. I approach develpment from a lifespan

perspective and encourage discussion of issues related to ethnicity and gender. The

laboratory course offers students the opportunity to complete an original research project

and to develop their writing skills.

Research Interests


y primary research interest is in the psychology of religion. I

am presently looking at the ways individuals interpret biblical narratives, specifically

as these portray a conflict with God.

Representative Professional Activities

Date Publications/Presentations
September, 1995 Cobb, N.J., Ong, A, Altenburger,M., Ang, J., Veilleus, D., & Yada, J., Reasoning

about Biblical Narratives.Paper presented at the International Conference on

Psychology and Christianity, Moscow.

August, 1996 Cobb, N.J., Ong, A., & Ang, J. Reasoning About Biblical Narratives of

Wrongdoing: Focus on Rules or Relationships? Poster presented at the International

Congress of Psychology, Montreal.

1995 Cobb, J.J. Adolescence: Continuity, Change, and Diversity(2nd Ed.). Mountain

View, CA: Mayfield

1996 Phinney, J. and Cobb, N.J.. Reasoning about Intergroup Relations Among Hispanic and

Euro-American Adolescents. Journal of Adolescent Research,11 (3).

Educational Background

Ph.D. Psychology1965
University of Massachusetts
Boston, Massachusetts
University of Massachusetts
Boston, Massachusetts
College of William & Mary
Williamsburg, Virginia

Fall'2003 Schedule

Course Sect. No. Title Units Day & Time Room
Not on duty this quarter -

Will return Winter'04.


Office Hours


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