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The Marriage and Family Therapy Program

This program meets the educational requirements for State
licensure as a Marriage and Family Therapist as set forth by the
State of California. Our program is designed to be completed in a
minimum of two years. Our Program is designed to be completed in a minimum of
two years. However, the applicant should be aware
that before being eligible to sit for the State licensing examination
a candidate for the MFT license must, in addition to completing the educational
requirements, acquire 3,000 hours of acceptable supervised experience in State
approved settings in addition to completing the educational requiremnts.

Of the entire 3,000 hours of required supervised experience, the
State requires that a minimum of 1,500 hours be acquired after
receipt of the Master's Degree with an option in Marriage and
Family Therapy. Further, no credit can be given for
experience gathered prior to enrollment in an acceptable
MFT educational program.  Credit towards the pre-master's degree hours may
be gained through participation in the courses on Directed Clinical Practice,
PSY 585. Additionally, the State requires that
the total 3,000 hours of acceptable supervised experience may not be
accrued in less than 104 weeks (two complete years).

Therefore, the applicant who looks forward to MFT licensure
must anticipate a commitment of three and one-half to four years from
entry into this program to eligibility to sit for the state licensing examination.

The Psychology Department admits a maximum of 15 new students a
year to our MFT program. Admission is in the Fall Quarter only.

The MFT Program of the CSULA Psychology Department is
responsive to cultural diversity. We are committed to sensitivity and equity in education
and service to members of all groups. It is expected that students accepted to the program will share this commitment.

Application Procedure and Program Requirements

An applicant to this program must apply to both the Psychology

Department MFT program and to the Graduate Division of
California State University, Los Angeles. The applicant should be aware
that Department and University deadlines are not identical. Students choosing
this option should first apply to the Department (Section 12.0) and accepted,
then apply to the University.

Foreign students must apply to and be accepted by the University
before they can apply to the Psychology Department. Further information can be obtained by contacting the Foreign Students' Office.


A completed Departmental Application must be on file in the
Psychology Department by February 1st, for consideration for the Fall Quarter. A completed
application includes the following:

  1. OFFICIAL transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate work
    sent directly to the Psychology Department. (Additional
    official transcripts may be required by the University).
    These transcripts must show evidence of:
    *A. A Baccalaureate degree with a major in Psychology
    (See Section 3.0 for non-psychology major requirements) and
    *B. At least a 3.0 GPA (on a scale of 4) in
    the last 60 semester or 90 quarter units of academic courses.
  2. THREE LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION. It is suggested that at
    least one of these letters come from a professor who can evaluate
    the applicants academic strengths and weakness. A letter from
    someone, such as a supervisor, who can evaluate any counseling
    or field work experience is also desirable, as is a letter
    from someone who can comment on the personality of the
    applicant and his/her suitability for clinical work.

be based on a personal interview with faculty and student
members of the Psychology MFT Program. Interviews will be
conducted with those applicants (a) whose files are complete by
deadline date and (b) who remain under consideration following
evaluation of the materials listed above. The purpose of this
interview is to attempt to assess the applicant's maturity,
potential strengths and weakness as a clinician, ability to
withstand and benefit from personal criticism, and motivation
to successfully complete the requirements for an MFT

Interested students should contact the Department of Psychology at California
State University Los Angeles (323) 343-2250, or contact the program Director
Profesor Brigitte Matthies at (323) 343-5109. Professor Matthies can also be
reached via E-mail at

* See section FOR STUDENTS WHOSE BACCALAUREATE IS NOT IN Psychology (Non-majors in Psychology).

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