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The Master of Arts degree in the Department of Psychology

Acceptance into the graduate program is a two-step process
that begins with application for acceptance to the University.  Persons
applying for entry into the graduate program in Psychology must first be
admitted to the University.  Application forms for the University may be
obtained from a major library, community college, another California State
University or on-line at the CSLA homepage.  The Psychology Department offers a mentor-based graduate program.
Students are encouraged to contact a faculty member in the area of research in which they
are interested before applying to the University. Positions in the department are limited and acceptance
into the program depends on students finding someone on the faculty who will agree to serve
as a mentor. Acceptance by a faculty member as a mentor is required for admission to the
department (See Application Form in Graduate Handbook).
The Master of Arts degree in psychology is a rigorous program designed to develop research
and conceptual skills for students whose primary interest is in continuing their education
in a doctoral program. A key feature of the program is a close mentoring relationship with
a faculty member who oversees the student's progress toward his or her individual research

Application Process

Students will need to submit an application by April 10th
of any given year for consideration for the following September. Students are
responsible for providing all materials to accompany their application and only
complete applications will be processed. Applicants will be notified of their
status following their submission by June 1st. In addition to materials required for
admission to the University, students will need to submit (a) Two letters of
recommendation, (b) A statement of purpose, and (c) application form for the
Masters of Arts degree. (See Section 13.0) The application
form for the Masters of Arts degree is also available from the Department.

Students are required
to have a grade point average (GPA) of 2.75 to be eligible for the
Masters Degree program. Students with a GPA below 2.75 will not be considered.
(See Application Form in Graduate Handbook),

Application Form


Students who are admitted to the graduate program will be assigned
to a mentor, for advisement and program planning. The mentor supervises the student's
completion of the program, but mentors can be changed if a student's interests change
and an alternate is available. Students' specific requirements to meet individual
academic needs are developed in conjunction with the mentor.

Interested students should contact the Department of
Psychology at California State University Los Angeles (323) 343-2250, or contact
the program Director, Professor Ramani Durvasula at (323) 343-5872. Professor
Durvasula can also be reached via E-mail at

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