The Health Psychology laboratory was established in 2000 by Dr

The Department of Psychology

The Health Psychology Lab

Health Psychology laboratory was established in 2000 by Dr. Ramani
Durvasula.  The focus of our research is
the interface of health, health behaviors, illness and psychology.  Our current research focus is on two
areas:  adherence to healthy behaviors
and psychological factors in HIV disease.

to healthy behaviors
:  We are
beginning pilot studies examining adherence to a wide variety of healthy
behaviors and risk behaviors including diet, exercise, smoking, substance use,
safe sex, preventive health behaviors, preventive health care, and medication
adherence.   This work will examine the
predictors of adherence to both healthy behaviors and engagement in risky
behaviors.  The goal of this work is to
develop interventions to promote healthy behaviors in a variety of
populations.  There will be multiple
opportunities for students to become involved in this work, and interested
students are welcomed to contact Dr. Durvasula at

Related Research:
  Much of this
work draws from large datasets examining neurocognition and medication
adherence in HIV infected individuals. 
Most of Dr. Durvasula’s HIV related research to date has been focused on
women and ethnic minority group members. 
Results of this work have been published in journals including Cultural
Diversity and Ethnic Minority Mental Health, Journal of the International
Neuropsychological Society, and Journal of Clinical and Experimental
Neuropsychology.  In addition, this work
has been published at numerous regional, national, and international
conferences.  A recent example of
research conducted by students and faculty in this lab was the poster session
entitled “BELIEFS,

Students in Dr. Durvasula’s laboratory have presented or been co-authors on work
presented at the meetings of the Western Psychological Association, Research Society on Alcohol,
and the American Psychological Association.

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