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Harold Gottlieb
Professor of Psychology

Office: KH A3043

Phone: (323) 343-2259

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Email: hgottli@calstatela.edu


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began teaching at CSULA in 1972, the year I finished my Ph.D.

I have taught courses ranging from seminars in Abnormal Psychology and Health Psychology

to Child Development and Cognitive Psychology.

Teaching Interests


y area of specialty was devoted to the application of Piagetian

theory, concepts and ideas to the development of classification abilities in children of

different ages. My thesis adviser was Gilbert Voyat, an associate of Jean Piaget. As a

result of my collaboration with Dr. Voyat, I had the memorable opportunity of meeting

Piaget on several occasions and the honor of having him review my dissertation. My topic,

the study of cognitive competence (development) as a prelude to the development of

classification and classification performance was of interest ot Piaget's then focus on

the issue of distinguishing between cognitive competence and cognitive performance.

As my early academic career was centered in Developmental

Psychology, my later academic life took a dramatic turn when I was introduced to an area

devoted to the then beginning interest in the application of psychological theory,

concepts and practices to the diagnosis and treatment of pain related disorders. In this

regard, I was instumental in establishing one of the earliest multidisciplinary pain

clinics in the United States. This was the ground floor of the field of Behavioral

Medicine. In conjunction with my interest in pain management, that is, the study of pain

and pain management techniques, I have taught a course in Health Psychology and currently

champion the idea of creating a M.A. level program in Health Psychology as a way of

contributing applied level expertise to hospital and clinical settings that require

trained specialists in pain management.

Research Interests


ver the last 15 years I have a number of publications and delivered papers at

the American Pain Society as well as published papers in the Journal of Pain and Archives

of Physical Medicine, which are devoted to the evaluation of lingitudinal outcomes, i.e.,

studying the efficacy of the multidisciplinary pain treatment approach with chronic pain

patients with a variety of pain related diagnoses. I have also been in the forefront of

creating international accreditation standards for facilities and programs devoted to the

quality delivery of this intervention approach.

In addition, I have been active in creating student

doctoral-level internship training opportunities related to the multidisciplinary pain

treatment approach. This reflects my general interest in the education of medical

professionals, healthcare providers, case managers etc. about the clinical and cost

benefits of the multidisciplinary treatment model compared to the traditional concentrated

medical-model approach to the restoration of patients with intractable pain.

More recently, I have been interested in studying the complex

problem that no matter what we do in healthcare, everything seems to work, but

unfortunately not for long. This is the issue of relapse prevention. How can we teach our

patients who get well from what we do, how to stay well in the long run.

Representative Professional Activities

Date Publications/Presentations
1995 Relapse Prevention, A Multidisciplinary Approach
APA Bulletin.
February, 1988 Multidisciplinary Pain Clinics, Centers and Programs.
In Tollison, C. D. (Ed.) Non-Surgical Approach to Chronic Back Pain., Williams and

Wilkins, Publisher, Baltimore, Maryland.

Educational Background

Ph.D.,Developmental Psychology,1972
Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Yeshiva University

Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology

New York, New York
M.A.,Rehabilitation Psychology,1965
University of Colorado
M.A.,Physiological Psychology, 1963
New School for Social Research
New York, New York
B.A.,Psychology, 1960
Michigan State University
East Lansing, Michigan

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