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School of Natural and Social


Department of Psychology

Herb Goldberg
Professor of Psychology

Office: KH A3038

Phone: (323) 343-2264

FAX: (323) 343-2281

Email: none available


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've been teaching at Cal State since 1965 and have been a Full

Professor for about 20 years.

Teaching Interests


he classes I prefer teaching are those with a clinical focus

such as Abnormal Psychology, Psychotherapy, Personality and Human Sexuality. My goal in

teaching is to make students aware of the complexity of the deeper, unconscious aspects of

human behavior. I try and communicate the excitement of the "inner adventure",

or the "personal journey" involved in understanding the human experience.

Research Interests


y research interests, which come from my clinical work, center

around the unconscious aspects of gender dynamics and male/female rela- tionship behavior,

as well as the ways in which gender creates consciousness.

Representative Professional Activities


have written a series of books and papers related to gender

including The Hazards of Being Male, The New Male/Female Relationship and What

Men Really Want. I am currently working on a book on "feminine process". I also have a private practice that, in a way, serves as my

"laboratory" for clinical research.

Educational Background

Ph.D. Psychology,June, 1963
Adelphi University
New York, New York
A.B., Psychology June, 1958
City College of New York
New York, New York

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