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School of
Natural and Social Sciences
Department of Psychology

Fary M. Cachelin
Professor and Chair

Office: KH D3087
Phone: (323) 343-5005
FAX: (323)
Email: mailto:fcachel@calstatela.edu


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enjoy teaching undergraduate and graduate students from diverse
backgrounds, supervising research and training students. I enjoy teaching in
areas such as general and abnormal psychology, psychological testing and
clinical assessment, health psychology (including topics such as dieting and
addiction), developmental psychology, research design and methods of
experimental psychology.

Teaching Interests


eaches health psychology, behavior disorders in children,
experimental psychology, personality psychology and abnormal

Research Interests


y research interests are in clinical psychology with particular
emphasis on eating disorders and developmental psychopathology. In the area of
eating disorders, particular focus is on the perceptual and cognitive
distortions that are common in anorexia and binge eating. Recently, my lab has
been conducting studies examining disordered eating, dieting, and obesity in
women and men of various ethnicities. Specifically, I am interested in
investigating barriers to treatment seeking and health care utilization in
these populations.

Representative Professional Activities

Date Recent Publications
2006 Cachelin,
F. M., Monreal, T. K., & Juarez, L. C. 
Body image and size perceptions of Mexican American women. 
Body Image, 3,
2006 Cachelin,
F. M., Phinney, J., Schug, R. A., & Striegel-Moore, R. H. 
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community sample.  Psychology
of Women Quarterly, 30
2006 Cachelin, F. M., & Regan, P.  Prevalence
and correlates of chronic dieting in a multi-ethnic U.S. community
sample.  Eating and Weight Disorders, 11, 91-99.

2006 Cachelin,
F. M., & Striegel-Moore, R. H. Help seeking and barriers to
treatment in a community sample of Mexican American and European
American women with eating disorders. 
International Journal of Eating Disorders, 39, 1544-161.
2006 Cachelin, F.M., Striegel-Moore, R. H., & Regan, P. 
Factors associated with treatment seeking n a community sample of
European American and Mexican American women with eating disorders. 
European Eating Disorders Review, 14, 1-8.

2006 Regan,
P. C., & Cachelin, F. M.  Binge
eating and purging in a multi-ethnic community sample. International Journal of Eating Disorders, 39, 523-526.
2005 Cachelin,
F. M., Schug, R. A., Juarez, L. C., & Monreal, T. K. 
Sexual abuse and eating disorders in a community sample of
Mexican American women.  Hispanic
Journal of Behavioral Sciences
, 27,
2005 Dohm,
F. A., Cachelin, F. M., & Striegel-Moore, R. H.  Factors that influence food amount ratings by White,
Hispanic, and Asian samples.  Obesity Research, 13, 1061-1069.
2004 Cachelin, F. M.  Women with eating disorders and barriers
to treatment. In P. Swain (Ed), Focus on eating disorder research (pp.
New York: Nova Science Publishers
2003 Cachelin, F. M., Weiss, J. W., & Garbanati, J. A. Dieting and its
relationship to smoking, acculturation, and family environment in Asian
and Hispanic adolescents. Eating Disorders: The Journal of Treatment
and Prevention,11, 51-61
2002 Cachelin, F. M., Rebeck, R. M., Chung, G. H., & Pelayo, E. Does
ethnicity influence body size preference? A comparison of body image and
body size assessments. Obesity Research, 10(3), 158-166.
2001 Cachelin, F. M. Ethnic differences in body size
preferences: Myth or reality? Nutrition, 17, 353-356.
2001 Cachelin, F. M., Rebeck, R., Veisel, C., & Streigel-Moore,
R. H. Barriers to treatment of eating disorders among ethnically,
diverse women. International Journal of Eating Disorders, 30,
2001 Lewis, D. M., & Cachelin, F. M . Body image, body dissatisfaction,
and eating attitudes in mid-life and elderly women. Eating Disorders:
The Journal of Treatment and Prevention, 9, 29-39.
2001 Striegel-Moore, R. H., & Cachelin, F. M. Etiology of eating
disorders. The Counseling Psychologist, 29, 635-661.
2001 Striegel-Moore, R. H., Cachelin, F. M., Dohm, F. A, Striegal-Moore,
R. H.
Cachelin, etalo Wilfley, Comparison of Binge Eating Disorder
and Bulimia Nervosa in a community sample. International Journal of
Eating Disorders, 29, 157-165.

Educational Background

Ph.D., Experimental Psychopathology,1996
Harvard University
Cambridge, Massachusetts
M.A., Psychology,1992
Harvard University
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Stanford University
Stanford, California

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