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Psychology is offered offered in programs leading to Bachelor
of Arts, Master of Arts, and Master of Science degrees. A minor is also
available for students who are majoring in other fields in which a
knowledge of psychology would be beneficial.

Psychology is the scientific study of the behavior of both humans and
animals. Some psychologist are primarily concerned with learning more
about human behavior through scientific methods; others are concerned
with the application of psychological principles, as in psychotherapy,
behavior modification, and industrial psychology. Some specific areas of
opportunities for Psychology majors with various degrees of professional
training include clinical and counseling psychology (personal adjustment
of individuals as in marriage counseling), community psycholgy (welfare
agencies or mental health organizations), developmental psychology
(children's clinic or hospitals), experimental psychology (in research
settings), human factors psychology (assessment of human performance),
psychometric psychology (design of tests to assess individuals'
abilities and interest), and social psychology (behavior of

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For further information: contact the
Department of Psychology at (323) 343-2250 or the Office of University
Outreach and Recruitment at (323) 343-3178.