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The Center for Multicultural Research is a
recent addition to the Psychology Department. It was established in 1996
and currently has two faculty members involved, Jean Phinney and Eric
Kohatsu. Dr. Phinney's research program has been on-going for 12 years,
with support of the Minority Biomedical Research Support (MBRS) Program
of the National Institutes of Health. About four students per year have
received support and research training under this program over the
course of the grant. This research program has addressed a variety of
issues related to ethnic factors in adolescence, including ethinc
identity development and its correlates, intergroup relations, cultural
values, and adjustment in immigrant families.
Dr. Phinney's current facilities house an ongoing
longitudinal study of identity formation among adolescents from five
ethnic groups; Mexican American, African American, European American,
Armenian, and Vietnamese. This project is supported by a four-year MBRS
grant (1996-2000). Currently eight students are actively involved in the
project. In addition, two community consultants (from the Armenian and
Vietnamese communities) are employed by the project to provide support
for the study, including information about ethnic communities, community
contacts, and translations of research surveys. Dr. David Sam, a
postdoctoral scholar from Norway, was a visitor to the project from
February through August, 1996 and from April through July, 1997.