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Established in the Fall of 1996 by Dr. Pamela
Regan, the Social Relations Lab is one of the newest of the Psychology
Department's research laboratories. Faculty and students associated with
the Lab conduct basic and applied research in the areas of interpersonal
attraction, human sexuality, and close relationships. Current projects
include research on the nature of romantic love (e.g., the cognitive
prototype of requited and unrequited romantic love); the association
between sexual desire and romantic love (e.g., the perceived
consequences of sexual desire for romantic relationships); interpersonal
sexual dynamics (including sexual miscommunication, harassment, and
assault); mate selection (e.g., partner preferences as a function of
relationship context, sex, and mate value); and the physical
attractiveness stereotype (e.g., the influence of target gender and body
weight on perceptions of sexuality). In addition, the Social Relations
Lab maintains collaborative connections with social scientists and
statisticians at several institutions in the U.S. and England.