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Media and Language Laboratory

The Media and Language Laboratory was established in the Fall of 2007
by Dr. Kaveri Subrahmanyam, a Professor in the Department of Psychology.
We have two lines of research in this laboratory: young peoples'
interactions with newer forms of digital media and young children's
learning of language. There are several undergraduate and two graduate
students working in the laboratory at the present moment. Current
projects include a study of high school and colleges students' offline
and online networks. Offline networks include face to face partners and
online networks include partners on instant messaging and social
networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace etc. We are  testing high
school students and PSY150 students for this study. Another project is a
short term longitudinal study of young Spanish-speaking children's
learning of English after they are exposed to it in the preschool
setting. A third study is an experimental study of young
Spanish-speaking children's learning of the mass/count distinction in
English; we will be testing preschool children in the Winter and Spring
of 2008.  Alumni of the lab have gone on to M.A. programs at local
universities; former students of Prof Subrahmanyam have pursued PhD and
MA programs at several top institutions including Harvard University,
Teacher's College/Columbia University, UC, Santa Barbara, and Vanderbilt
University. We are looking for bright, motivated students who are
looking for research experience. A strong GPA is a must and fluency in
Spanish is a plus. Interested students should contact Prof Subrahmanyam
by email at