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Introduction to Graduate Programs

Department of Psychology offers the Master of Arts degree with an
emphasis on research and conceptual skills for students whose primary
interest is in continuing their education in a doctoral program. The
department also offers the Masters of Science degree in Marriage and
Family Therapy and Forensic Psychology and Applied Behavior Analysis
Option. The Psychology Department offers a mentor-based graduate
program. As a consequence, we encourage students to contact a faculty
member in the area of research in which they are interested before
applying to the University. Positions in the department are limited and
acceptance into the program depends on students finding someone on the
faculty who will agree to serve as a mentor.


Acceptance into the graduate
program is a two-step process which begins with application for
acceptance to the University. Persons applying for entry into the
graduate program in psychology must first be admitted to the University.

The Psychology Department
application forms should be returned to King Hall, C3104 with
transcripts of all previous academic work.

Entering students must have an
undergraduate degree in Psychology or its equivalent from an accredited
institution and have achieved a grade point average (GPA) of 2.75 or
above in the last 90 units of under-graduate work at an accredited

Students who do not have a
bachelor's degree in Psychology
at the time of admission must
complete 31-36 units with a GPA of 3.0 or higher. Specifically, the
following prerequisite (or their equivalents) must be complete before
beginning the Masters program. Whenever possible, credit will be given
for equivalent coursework taken elsewhere. Please note: coursework
taken at a community college does not apply to upper division psychology

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