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Dr. Melina AbdullahMelvin Armstrong, Ph.D.
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My academic area of focus is in Philosophy and Education, specifically my scholarly work lies at the intersection of Africana Philosophy, Philosophy of Race, Cultural Studies, Africana Critical Race Theory, and Critical Theory, with special attention on the work of African American intellectuals, and racial inequality These areas are consistent with the thematic concerns of my dissertation, which is entitled “Philosophical Blindness and the Black Subject: The Deconstruction of a Discipline."

My current research is animated by a set of connected concerns: the thoughts on philosophy as a life endeavor outside of the academy, the thoughts of black philosophers on the academic discipline of philosophy, the thoughts of black philosophers on their educational experiences, and black thinkers who aren’t generally thought to be philosophers contribution to the discourses of Philosophy and Education. Critical Race and Cultural Studies contribution to a fuller understanding of Philosophical and Educational issues pertaining to race.

These considerations have led me to conceive of two book proposal’s on black philosophy and cultural studies which I am currently composing and are preliminary under review: (The Undiscovered Source: Why Good Black Philosophy Doesn’t Crack) and a related second book project on African American political philosophy and Critical Whiteness Studies (Critical Race Moments and the Autism Caused by Whiteness).