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You have reached the end of the instruction on informed consent. Below are 20 true/false and multiple choice questions to help check your understanding of the process. After you have answered these questions, you will be asked to enter information that will permit you to send your results to an e-mail address.

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1. Autonomy means that participants should be protected from harm.

2. It should be clearly stated if there are no benefits to a study.

3. Adverse events should be reported to the IRB
     within one week.
     within 2 weeks.
     within one month.

4. Justice requires equality in the selection of participants.

5. A participant who is not of legal age can consent to be in a study.

6. The purpose of continuing review is to determine if the risks and benefits:
     are understood by the participants.
     are accurately outlined in the current consent document.
     are permissible to the participants.
     reflect the experience of the subjects.

7. When listing risks, you do not need to list "soft" risks such as embarrassment.

8. Beneficence means that each person has the right to decide not to be in a study.

9. The consent document should be presented to the participant when it is most convenient for the investigators.

10. You will know the terms of continued review when you receive approval from the IRB.

11. A consent document should generally be written to a/an ________ grade reading level.

12. Risks and benefits are better understood by the researcher after the research has begun.

13. The participant can __________ withdraw from the study without penalty.

14. The Cal State L.A. reviews only federally funded research.

15. ____________ is/are not important factor(s) when asking and answering questions.
     Open-ended questions
     Patience and encouragement
     Directive questions

16. No further review is required once the IRB has reviewed a project.

17. A renewal form must be completed annually.

18. The ________________ relationship is not a potentially troublesome one during participant selection.

19. Changes made in everything except _____________ must be approved by the IRB.
     subject population
     research procedures
     research personnel
     participant's address

20. Researchers with financial interests in the research must inform their participants.

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