THEATRE Audition Information

There are no entrance auditions for the degree program in Theatre Arts and Dance.

Theatre auditions refer to our productions only.


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Theatre Arts and Dance Audition Policies

The Department of Music, Theatre and Dance conducts group auditions quarterly for theatre productions. 

  • It is department practice to cluster auditions in order for shows that have overlapping rehearsal cycles to be fairly cast.
  • Student Actors must have at least a 2.5 GPA. No exceptions will be made.
  • Theatre and Dance auditions are open to all CSULA students, regardless of major or course of study.
  • A student may not be cast in 2 lead roles when the rehearsal schedules overlap. Working as a Stage Manager or Assistant Stage Manager is considered having a leading role.
  • Priority in casting will be given to current CSULA students.
  • Unless there has been prior approval and discussion with the Department Chair and the Season Committee, casting from outside the current enrolled student pool is not acceptable. Our commitment must be to our current students.


Academic credit is available and necessary for participants in the production from a section of TA 4100. These course times are arranged in addition to the standard evening/weekend rehearsals per requirements of your role in the production.