Full Time Faculty

William Belan Professor Emeritus of Music, Choral Music, Conducting
Office: MUS 131 Phone: (323) 343-4067

Jeffrey Benedict Professor Emeritus of MusicSaxophone, Jazz Studies
Office: MUS 123 Phone: (323) 343-4099

David Connors Vocal Studies, Music Education
Office: MUS 234 Phone: (323) 343-4080

Paul DeCastro Afro Latin Music, Jazz Studies
Office: MUS 12 Phone: (323) 343-4079

Pamela Dunne Professor Emeritus of Theatre Arts 
Office: MUS 239 Phone:(323) 343-4123


James Ford Trumpet, Jazz Studies
Office: MUS 70 Phone: (323) 343-4081

José Cruz González Professor of Theatre Arts
Office: MUS 238 Phone: (323) 343-4128

Sara Graef Composition and Theory
Office: MUS 235 Phone: (323) 343-4073

Paul Stuart Graham Professor of Theatre Arts
Office: FA 358 Phone: (323) 343-4112

Meredith Greenburg Stage Management, MTD Production Manager
Office: TA 110 Phone: (323) 343-5124


James Hatfield Theatre Arts
Office: MUS 140 Phone: (323) 343-4131


Shiz Herrera Theatre Arts
Office: MUS 237 Phone: (323) 343-4120


Deborah Holland Professor Emeritus of Music, Commercial Music, Songwriting

Susan Kane Professor of Music in Voice
Office: MUS 121 Phone: (323) 343-4043

Tanya Kane-Parry Professor of Theatre Arts and Dance
Office: MUS 239 Phone: (323) 343-6684

John M. Kennedy Chair and Professor of Music in Composition and Theory
Office: MUS 236 Phone: (323) 343-4084

Nancy Kupka Professor Emeritus of Dance 
Office: KH 5104C Phone: (323) 343-5125

Theresa Larkin Professor of Theatre Arts
Office: MUS 243 Phone: (323) 343-4103

Hae Kyung Lee Professor of Dance
Office: KH 5106 Phone: (323) 343-4122

Ross Levinson Associate Professor of Music in Commercial Music and Music Technology
Office: MUS 14 Phone: (323) 343-5448

Susan Mason Professor Emeritus of Theatre Arts
Office: MUS 238 Phone: (323) 343-4113

Emily Moss Director of Bands and Director of Instrumental Music Education
Office: Music 132 Phone: (323)-343-4086

Seónagh Odhiambo Professor of Dance
Office: KH 5104C Phone: (323) 343-5130

Stephen Rothman Theatre Arts
Office: KH 3096A Phone: (323) 343-4130

Beverly Stein Professor of Music in Music History
Office: MUS 130 Phone: (323) 343-4077

Sébastien Vallée Director of Choral Studies and Director of Choral Music Education
Office: MUS 122 Phone: (323) 343-4068

Steve Wight Associate Professor of Music in Commercial Music and Recording Arts
Office: MUS 14 Phone: (323) 343-5447


Part Time Faculty

Diane Alancraig, lecturer-flute
Geoff Osika, Lecturer-Double Bass
Tim Emmons, Lecturer-Jazz Bass and Electric Bass
Fung Ho, Lecturer-Violin
Cathy Segal-Garcia Hoffman, Lecturer-Voice
Iris Cepeda, Lecturer-Voice
Phillip Feather, Lecturer-Oboe
Penny Pan, Lecturer-Piano
Robert Ward, Lecturer-Piano
Robert Fernandez, Lecturer-Percussion
Helen Goode Castro, Lecturer-Clarinet
Jacques Voyemant, Lecturer-Trombone
Randy Jones, Lecturer-Tuba
David Askren, Lecturer-Jazz Guitar
Matthew Elgart, Lecturer-Classical Guitar
Edgar Hernandez-Collazo, Lecturer-Bass
Dr. Irene Gregorio, Accompanist