Music Audition Information

Acceptance into an undergraduate or graduate music degree program at California State University, Los Angeles requires a performance audition and a placement exam.1  Entering freshmen and undergraduate transfer students who have been accepted for admission by the university should be prepared to perform for a faculty panel a 10-minute program of music drawn from the standard repertoire for the student’s instrument or voice.  A list of specific audition requirements for each area of music study can be found by selecting one of the links below. Graduate degree candidates in instrumental or vocal performance seeking admission will find audition requirements listed under the list of voice and instruments noted. 

Note: We expect that undergraduate applicants (both first time freshmen and transfer students) must have begun the application process for admission to the 2015-16 academic year on CSU Mentor by November 30, 2014. International students should begin their applications as early as possible so that all necessary forms and information can be completed on time. More information about dates will appear here when we have final confirmation of deadlines.

The required theory placement exam is offered at the beginning of each quarter. The purpose of the theory placement exam is to measure each entering student’s understanding of music theory concepts. Results of the exam are used for placement into the proper music theory and musicianship courses.

1Graduate degree candidates in Afro-Latin and Commercial Music take different placement exams than other music degree students.

If you are applying to the graduate or undergraduate programs, please fill out the online Music Audition Application.




Audition Repertoire

Select the instrument or voice on which you wish to audition for a description of the undergraduate and graduate repertoire requirements.  Undergraduate music education candidates must audition on their principal instrument or voice.  Undergraduate candidates seeking admission to jazz studies or composition, please select the links below for specific audition requirements and expectations for admission to those programs. Graduate degree candidates seeking admission to a specialized degree program should refer to the specific graduate degree program of interest for specific audition or other pre-admission requirements.  These specialized graduate degree programs are listed at the bottom of the page.

Music Auditions

Voice Violin
Piano Viola
Flute Cello
Oboe Double Bass
Bassoon Guitar
Saxophone Composition
Euphonium Commercial Music
Trumpet Jazz


Specialized Graduate Degree Programs:

Afro-Latin Graduate Degree Candidates

Commercial Music Graduate Degree Candidates
Composition Graduate Degree Candidates
Conducting Graduate Degree Candidates (Summer Session degree program ONLY)
Music Education Graduate Degree Candidates