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Qingyun Wu

Associate Professor of Chinese 

Office: King Hall A3030 

PHONE: (323) 343 4242 

FAX: (323) 343-2281 



I am coordinator of Chinese program, director of
Chinese Studies Center, and advisor for the Chinese Students Association


Ph.D., Comparative Literature, 1991, The Pennsylvania
State University

M. A., English, 1987, Southern Illinois University
at Carbondale.

Diploma in English, 1977, Central London Polytechnic,

B. A. in English, 1975, Kaifeng Normal University,



I am interested in teaching
Chinese language and literature at all levels, in organizing guest lectures
and cultural activities for faculty as well as students in the field of
Chinese studies.


I have been doing research in Chinese Ming-Qing
Novel, Chinese women's literature, and Chinese utopian thought.  I
like to explore Chinese subjects from an East-West comparative perspective. 
Recently, I have been working on two major projects: Chinese lesbian literature
by women, and discovering the lost tanci texts by Qing women.  I am
still patching up my Annotated Bibliography of Chinese Women's Literature
and Feminist Criticisms.  I am also interested in literary translation. 
My life-long ambition is to bring the other two texts involved in my book
Female Rule in Chinese and English Literary Utopias into the English-speaking
world: The Destiny of the Next Life by Chen Duansheng and Sanbao's Expeditions
to the Western Ocean by Luo Maodeng.



1. Female Rule in Chinese and English Literary
. Syracuse University Press, 1995.

2. The Remote Country of Women (A novel by
Bai Hua, translated in collaboration with Thomas  Beebee).  University
of Hawaii Press, 1994.

3. Clouds and Rain: A China-to-America Memoir.
(A novel) Evanston: Evanston Publishing Co., 1994.

4. Renyuan Taishan (Tarzan of the Apes, a
book by Edgar Rice Burroughs). Trans. China: Huanghe Literature  and
Arts Press, 1987.

5. Nuowei Tonghua Xuan (Norwegian Fairy
, a book, selected from different authors). Trans. China: Haiyan
(Petrel) Press, 1986.

6. Liushu Fengsheng (The Wind in the Willows,
a book by Kenneth Graham).  Co-translated with  Shi Tianting.  
China: Henan Children's Press, 1985.



"Anna Weamys. A Continuation of Sir Philip Sidney's
Arcadia" (book review) published in the Journal of Utopian Studies,
Volume 7, No.1, 1996. pp.154-155.

"Bondage, Stuttering, and Impotence: Billy Budd,
The Temple of Golden Pavilion, and Half of Man is Woman" (a comparative
study of American, Japanese, and Chinese fiction), pp.243-252 in Proceedings
of the Fifteenth International Symposium on Asian Studies
, 1994 (Hong
Kong), June 1995.

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and Women." Proceedings of the Fourteenth International Symposium on
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(Revised Edition), Pasadena: Salem Press, 1993. pp 2540-2547.

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Multi-Ethic Literature of the United States) 7.3 (1992): 85-94.

"Feminist Potentialities and Dilemmas: The Changelings
and The Destiny of the Next Life," The Proceedings of the 13th International
Symposium on Asian Studies
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and Chinese court tales) (Hong Kong 1992): 211-221.

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Humor" (a story by Wang Meng), trans. in anthology, Return Trip Tango,
edited by Frank MacShane and Lori M. Carlson. Columbia University Press,
1992. pp.159-173. It was originally published in Translation: Literary
Translation (1990) pp 171-187.

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by Geng Zhanchun), trans & intro. (with Thomas Beebee). Yearbook
of Comparative and General Literature
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Humor in Wang Meng's Anecdotes of Minister Maimaiti" Cowrie: A Chinese
Journal of Comparative Literature
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Black Humor," Journal of ZhengZhou University 50 No.1 (1986): 17-24.

"Zhuanji Wenxue de Xingqi" ("The Rise of Literary
Biography"), Trans. Journal of Literary Biography, 2 (1986): 133-145,
in China.



"Images of Women in Zhang Yimou's Films," presented
at CSLA Faculty Colloquium in May 1996.

"Favorable Clashes: Culture, Language, and Business
in a Chinese Course" presented at the conference of the Center for International
Business Education and Research, The Rancho Santa Fe Inn, San Diego, May
3-4, 1996.

"Sexualizing Chinese Mythology: Insights and Problems,"
presented at the Annual Meeting of the Association for Asian Studies (Honolulu),
April 11-14, 1996.

"Images of Don Juan in a Cross-Cultural History:
Trickster, Rogue, Rebel and Individualist," presented at the Symposium
"New Insights into the Character of Don Juan," held by Teatro Universitario
en Espanol with the cooperation of the office of Education, Consulate of
Spain, Los Angeles and the Dept. of Modern Languages and Literatures, Sigma
Delta Pi, Spanish Honor Society at Cal State LA.

"The True Influence of Han Shan on Gary Snyder's
Poetry," presented at the International Symposium on Chinese Culture and
the World in Shanghai International Studies University (P. R. China) on
April 30-May 4, 1995.

"Disbanding the Central Kingdom: Democracy, Migration,
and Nationalism in Bao Mi's Yellow Peril," presented at the (Berkeley)
Center for Chinese Studies Annual Symposium on "Empire, Nation, and Region:
The Chinese World Order Reconsidered," March 3-4, 1995, UC Berkeley.

"Transvestism, Lesbian Desire, and utopian Polygamy
in Women's Tanci Fiction," presented at the Annual meeting of the Association
of Asian Studies, April 6-9, 1995, in Washington.

"Feminist Utopian Discourse in Qing Vernacular Literature,"
a panel organized by Qingyun Wu for the AAS Annual Meeting in Washington,
April 6-9, 1995.

"Westernized Utopias in Early 20th Century China,"
presented at the Society for Utopian Studies 1993 Conference, St. Louis,
Missouri, November 4-7, 1993.

"Rewriting Eastern and Western Myths in Works by
American Chinese Writers," a lecture given to the second Workshop of Chinese
Creative Writing organized by Chinese Writers Association Los Angeles Chapter
on August 21, 1993.

"Women in Man's Guise: Female Transvestism in Chinese
Fiction and Life" Faculty Colloquium, May 25, 1993 at California State
University, Los Angeles. This talk was reported both in Chinese Daily News
and International Daily News. Half an hour TV interview about the talk
by Channel 18 KSCI showed on its "Tea Time" in June.

"Pebbles That Fill Up the Sea: Qiu Jin's Feminist
Utopian Vision" MLA (Modern Languages Association) Convention at New York
in December 1992

"Validity of Western Feminist Theories in Interpreting
Chinese Texts," Rethinking Critical Theory and Chinese Literary Studies
(Second Conference of the American Association of Chinese Comparative Literature)
University of California , Los Angeles, March 20-22, 1992.

"Democracy and Reform in Contemporary Chinese Literary
Writings," An International Conference on Democracy in Mainland China and
Taiwan: Prospects for Unification, Penn State University, July 16-18, 1991.

"Exposure and Exploration in Contemporary Chinese
Feminist Fiction: What's Wrong with Him (Her)? and The Inescapable Fate."
Annual Meeting of AAS, Chicago, April 5-8, 1990.

"From Matriarchy to Anarchy by the Female Principle:
The Remote Country of Women and The Dispossessed," Annual Meeting of the
ACLA (American Comparative Literature Association), Penn State University,
March 29-31, 1990.

"Wieland: A Novel of Modern Complexity," Popular
Culture Association Annual Meeting, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, March 7-10,

"A Chinese Reader's Response to Kingston's China
Men." MLA Convention, Washington, December 27-30, 1989.

"Love/Reader/Writer: Humbert's Discourse in Lolita
Examined in Light of Barthes' Theory." Annual Meeting of the ACLA at Brandeis
University, Waltham, Massachusetts, March 8-11, 1989.

"The Discourse of Impersonation: The Destiny of
the Next Life and Gloriana; Or, The Revolution of 1900." Pennsylvania Foreign
Language Conference, Duquesne University, September 16-18, 1988.


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