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The Chinese Program offers a Bachelor of Arts Degree and a Minor in Chinese.

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Bachelor of Arts

Kylie Hsu Showing a Tang Horse  San-pao Li Demonstrating Calligraphy
Professors Kylie Hsu and San-pao Li Introducing Chinese Culture and Literature

The BA degree in Chinese program is designed to provide students with the functional skills necessary to teach, to engage in international business, private industry, and government agencies, or to pursue graduate studies in higher education. One of our goals is to have the program certified for preparing students in Chinese subject matters so that they can pursue a California Single Subject Teaching Credential in Chinese.

Students majoring in Chinese must complete a total of 69 quarter units: One lower-division and 36 upper-division required units, and an additional 32 upper-division elective units. The required units include courses in advanced grammar (Chinese 300AB), linguistics (Chinese 305 and 315), culture and civilization (Chinese 310), classical Chinese language (Chinese 401), literature (Chinese 408, 410) and an upper-division writing course Modern Languages 400. The 32 elective units include Chinese language for special purposes such as news media (Chinese 322) and business (Chinese 380), in-depth topics on linguistics (Chinese 320, 403, and 451), literature (Chinese 402, 420, 422, 428, 430, 452, and 460), and other specific topics (Chinese 350 and 426). Additionally, courses in early field experience in language teaching (Modern Languages 396) and current approaches to teaching and assessment (Modern Languages 403) are designed for students who wish to pursue a single subject teaching credential.

The Chinese major is a balanced program that includes language, culture and civilization, literature, and linguistics courses. Lower-division courses (100ABC and 200ABC) stress skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing a limited number of characters and simple compositions, as well as culture. Upper-division courses at the 300 level emphasize a range of topics like advanced grammar, linguistics, culture and civilization, and specialized language use such as business Chinese. The 400 level courses delve into classical Chinese language, all genres of literature, and advanced studies in translation and film. Also included are proseminars that analyze important works, authors, or topics in depth. The lower-division courses serve students who wish to satisfy their GE requirements, increase their knowledge of grammar and writing, or prepare themselves to major in the language. These courses help students to develop their basic communicative skills, knowledge of language structures, and cultural awareness. Placement, when necessary, is determined by an oral interview and/or a placement examination. Upper-division courses emphasize, in addition to proficiency in oral and written Chinese, strengthening of reading, writing, and grammatical structures, as well as in-depth understanding of Chinese culture, thought, and arts.

Students minoring in Chinese must complete a minimum of 32 quarter units. The minor program consists of 12 lower-division required units, 16 upper-division required units, and 4-16 elective units. The number of elective units will vary depending upon the level at which a student begins his/her program. Although courses may be waived to reflect a student's preparation as determined by previous course work completed or by the Department's placement examination, unit credit may not be given for the waived courses.

Click here to read or print a Chinese B.A. degree program form with a checklist of courses, or click here for the Chinese minor program form. For more information about the Chinese major or minor program, please contact the Chinese Program Coordinator, Dr. Qingyun Wu.