Undergraduate Programs


Math Undergraduate Advisor: Melisa Hendrata
Office: ST F209
Phone: (323) 343-2167
Email: mhendra@calstatela.edu
Office Hours:  Dr. Hendrata is away for the summer. The department chair can answer your questions.

NSS Advisement Office

Office: KH D1044
Phone: (323) 343-5284

Website: www.calstatela.edu/nssadvising
Email: nssac@calstatela.edu

Hours:  Monday - Thursday: 8:00am - 6:00pm
Friday: 8:00am - 10:00am & 1:00pm - 5:00pm

To make an appointment, go to the website.

See the undergraduate advisor for:

  • Career advisement
  • Declaration of Major or Minor
  • Reinstatement Approval
  • GE Course Petition Approval
  • Major Course Substitution
  • Major Electives Approval
  • Minor Electives Approval
  • Math CSET Waiver*

* email Dr. Raychaudhuri for CSET Waiver

See the NSS Advisement Office for:

  • Graduation Check
  • Unit Overload Petition
  • Leave of Absense Petition
  • Super Senior Advisement
  • Repeat Limit Exception
  • SAP Plan for Financial Aid

BS in Math Program

CSET Waiver Programs

Descriptions and the lists of courses for Math CSET Waiver Programs.

Minor in Math

Catalog description of the Minor in Math

The following courses are pre-approved upper division electives for the Minor in Math.

MATH 3200, MATH 3450, MATH 4010, MATH 4021, MATH 4030, MATH 4100, MATH 4200, MATH 4300, MATH 4460, MATH 4540, MATH 4550, MATH 4560, MATH 4570, MATH 4650, MATH 4660, MATH 4670, MATH 4680, MATH 4690, MATH 4700, MATH 4710, MATH 4720, MATH 4740, MATH 4750, MATH 4800, MATH 4840, MATH 4990

Upper Division Electives Advising:   To receive a Math Minor, you are required to take MATH 2110, MATH 2120, and MATH 2130.  In addition, you must take a fourth lower division course that is either MATH 2150, MATH 2450, or MATH 2550.   Here are the possible upper division courses that you can take based on what course you took to fulfill the fourth lower division course in the minor.

  • If you took MATH 2150, then the following upper division courses are possible to take: MATH 3200, MATH 4021, MATH 4030, MATH 4740, MATH 4750 (4740 is a prereq).
  • If you took MATH 2550, then the following upper division courses are possible to take: MATH 3200, MATH 4100, MATH 4700 (if you have taken a programming course), MATH 4710 (4700 is a prereq), MATH 4720, MATH 4740, MATH 4750 (4740 is a prereq).
  • If you took both MATH 2150 and MATH 2550, then the following upper division courses are possible to take: Any of the above courses listed in the above two options, and also MATH 4800.
  • If you took MATH 2450, then the following upper division courses are possible to take: In this case we recommend that you take MATH 3450.   After that you have many possibilities, such as MATH 4200, MATH 4300, MATH 4460, MATH 4550, MATH 4560 (prereq is 4550), MATH 4650 (prereq is 4660), MATH 4680, MATH 4840, MATH 4690.    


Student Learning Outcomes


BS Mathematics

  1. Use techniques of differentiation and integration (in one or more variables).
  2. Find local and absolute extrema of functions of one or more variables.
  3. Sketch graphs of functions of one variable and identify basic functions from their graphs (one or two variables).
  4. Solve systems of linear equations with the use of matrices and their inverses.
  5. Recognize and work with basic algebraic structures (groups, vector spaces, homomorphisms).
  6. Give direct proofs, proofs by contradiction, and proofs by induction.
  7. Formulate definitions and theorems.
  8. Write a simple computer program.
  9. Use mathematics to model and solve problems in other areas.
  10. Gain competency in other areas of mathematics (which ones and how many depends on the selected option).
  11. Demonstrate basic competency in both oral and written communication.