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Summary of Project
Goals of project LAREGLO
The goal of this project is to bring a broad group of scholars,
opinion leaders, from both the U.S. and Latin America, together to assess
the social and political impact and responses of globalization in Latin
America. Unlike most analyses of globalization that tend to exclusively
focus on economic trends, this project explores how individuals and
communities have responded paying particular attention to the formation
of grass roots organizations and cross-border organizing. By examining this
crucial aspect of globalization this project seeks to include a wide range
of voices in the discussion of the future direction of hemispheric integration.
Such a broadening of the debate has important policy implications since
it challenges many of the prevailing assumptions of the course of global
economic expansion.


Project Administrators

The Principal Investigator of this project is Dr. Enrique C. Ochoa, Assistant
Professor of History. Dr. Ochoa works in consultation with a committee
comprising Dr. Ochoa, Dr. Donald Bray, Professor of Political Science, and
Dr. Marjorie Bray, the coordinator of the Latin American Studies Program.
Dr. Ochoa is a historian that specializes in Mexican political economy and
has been an editor of four books and author of several articles in the field
of Latin American political and economic history. Dr. Donald Bray is one
of the original founders of the Latin American Studies and has been one
of the principal faculty involved in LAS for the past 34 years. He is a
founding editor of Latin American Perspectives and has published studies
on U.S.-Latin American relations, Cuba and Chile. Dr. Marjorie Bray has
coordinated the Program since 1979. She is a specialist in international
economic relations, with a particular emphasis on U.S.-Latin American Relations,
Cuba, and Central America. She is also a founding editor of Latin American


Student Assistants
Two key students joined the LAREGLO project in early 1998 as
part-time assistants. Celia de Simonds as the Public Programs Coordinator and Dolly
Rodrigues, as the Project Researcher. Ms. de Simonds is an undergraduate
student in the Latin American Studies program and previously worked as an
editor of a local newspaper, she also leads leadership developments workshops
for Latina women, here in the U.S. and abroad and is involved in student
organizing. Ms. Rodrigues is a graduate student also in the Latin American
Studies program. Both are exceptional students and professionals who bring
to the project a great deal of expertise.


CSULA Latin Americanist Faculty

Another essential function of the project is to help support faculty research
and teaching about Latin America. There are approximately 20 faculty/staff
who devote 100 percent of their time to Latin American research. Latin Americanist
faculty are located in many departments. California State University, Los
Angeles faculty staff involved in the research portion of the project are:

Raquel Ackerman, Anthropology
Barry Hibbs,
William Bollinger, Latin American Studies
Don Bray, Political Science
Ricardo Gomez, Philosophy Dept.
Tim Harding, History
Ignacio Lopez-Calvo, Department of Foreign Language
John Kirchner, Geography
Ennrique Ochoa, History
Rita Ledesma,
Pete Sigal, History

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