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Immediate Work
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Globalization and the Debate
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Labor and Grass Roots Internationalism

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Mexican Unionism
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Rural Workers-Campesinos

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Maquiladoras, Workers, and Unions

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The project will be divided into two phases. The first year of the grant
will emphasize the research and study of the social and political responses
to globalization, centering around three topics: local impact and responses;
cross-border organizing; and the inclusion of social issues and immigration
questions into future trade agreements. Academics, opinion leaders, community
representatives, and students will meet in the working groups to exchange
ideas and research findings. Working groups will convene throughout the
year and meet with invited guest speakers from Latin America. The second
year of the award, concentrates on the discussion and dissemination of the
research findings of the working groups. A conference will be held at CSULA
that brings together U.S. and Latin American scholars, opinion leaders,
community representatives, and students to examine in-depth social and political
responses to globalization. In addition to the conference, there are three
principal ways that the project findings will be disseminated: the creation
and maintenance of a web page; a series of community talks; and the publications
of selected conference papers in an volume edited by the PI.

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