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Project structure

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Establishment and Delivery
Project structure
and objectives

This project explores the social and political responses to globalization
with a particular emphasis on how various social actors are making their
voices heard. To accomplish this task, this project will unify academics,
activists, policymakers to discuss these various issues. The intention is
to bring a wide range of voices, especially those that have hitherto been
excluded, into the discussion.

There are four principal objectives of this project. The first objective
is to bring academics and community people together to exchange ideas on
issues of globalization and the social and political impact of it. The inclusion
of scholars from Latin American and the U.S. from different disciplinary
backgrounds would lend new insights into these complex issues. By including
opinion leaders, community representatives in this discussion, groups that
rarely are brought together, the project hopes to stimulate a rich discussion.

A second objective is to provide funding for CSULA faculty and those
at other local institutions to conduct basic research on this important
topic and then to communicate these findings to a broad audience. This objective
seeks to rectify the perception that many policy decisions are often without
the benefit of in-depth scholarly research and without a broad discussion
of policy implications.

A third objective is to establish links with other institutions and scholars
both in Latin American and in the United States. By focusing on this crucial
topic in a collaborative manner and by inviting scholars from different
institutions to participate, exchanges between individuals and institutions
can occur. Also the project hopes to strengthen ties with Latin Americanist
faculty at local universities , with a long-term goal of creating a local
consortium of Latin American researchers.

A fourth objective is to include students and community representatives
as integral members of the project to forge closer relations with the surrounding
community. Building on the history of LAS and its community ties, the project
will both bring local community representatives onto campus as well as to
send students and university faculty into the community. The goal is the
creation of an community education project that would provide on-going training
and dialogue on these issues with community members.


Project Perspectives

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