Courses at Other Universities

There are many web sites that include links to
web courses or course resources offered by universities
throughout the world. We have singled out some as examples
of the interesting ways faculty are integating electronic
resources into their courses.

Dr. Olu Oguibe, Art
, U. of South Florida

Dr. Oguibe's creativity is evident in the
choice of resources he has made available for his students
in his African American Art course.

Professor Landon,
American Literature
, U. of Maryland

Take a look at the resources for this course
in American Literature of the Civil War. You may want to see
Internet Literature
that is linked to this site. (This site is one of
many found in the American Studies Crossroad Project )

Professor Robert A.
Gross, American Studies
, William & Mary College

This course, titled Multicultural Pasts,
explores the field of American Studies through the lens of
multiculturalism. The Electronic Resources button links to
an array of resources, including the
American Memory Project
of the Library of Congress
, a collection of sound
recordings, films, photographs and documents.

Dr. Alan D. Thornhill,
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
, Rice U.

Click on the Teaching & Learning
Technology button to get some interesting insights regarding
the power of incorporating internet resources into
Dr. Thornhill's home page is also
also worthwhile.

Now that you have had an introduction to how some faculty
in diverse disciplines are incorporating links to important
resources as part of their course development, take the time
to look at the following sites. While many of the syllabi
included in these sites give links to valuable resource
materials, you may notice that many assume students have the
analytical skills of information competence. We hope you
will have a link to this site and its tutorials to help your
students gain those skills.

Teaching and Learning on
the World Wide Web

Over 500 examples of how the web is being
used as a medium of learning. This searchable collection of
the Maricopa Community Colleges includes sites that range
from courses delivered entirely via the web to courses that
offer specific class assignments or courses that offer class
support materials via the web.

World Lecture Hall

This University of Texas site contains
extensive lists of links to faculty-created web pages
organized by subject categories. Viewing them may help in
planning your own courses.


Web Courses

The American Studies Crossroads Project is an
international networking and curriculum development project.
It has links to dynamic syllabi in a variety of discipline
areas. These can be a good resource on how to incorporate
internet resources into your syllabus. This site also
includes some
case studies of
faculty describing how they have used technology to enhance
instruction in their disciplines.

Electronic Theses

An interesting directory of dissertations and
theses is located at the University of Virginia web site.
These may prove to be valuable electronic resources for

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