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Cal State L.A. Website on Information Competence

This website is designed to help improve your ability to work, locate, and use knowledge resources within our increasingly complex and ever-changing Internet environment. The site is divided into three sections, each with its own distinct focus:

  • BASIC INTERNET SKILLS contains information about: the Internet, the World Wide Web, CSLA Internet connection options, TCP/IP, FTP, Telnet, CSLA E-mail options, Web Browsers, Web Editors, and more.

  • ACCESSING KNOWLEDGE RESOURCES contains tutorials and other learning materials to help you learn how to: 1) define a research topic; 2) determine the information question; 3) locate and retrieve relevant information; 4) evaluate information; 5) understand the ethical and legal issues surrounding information technology; and 6) use mass media information critically.

  • TEACHING AND LEARNING This site is designed for CSLA faculty, ONLY. It provides information concerning the integration of the 10 CSU information competence skills into teaching across the curricula. In particular, integration of these skills within Web-based courses is highlighted.

This site consists of instructional material developed on this campus, as well as links to other material developed by other sources and available over the Internet. You will find a wide variety of material here, including tutorials, guides, documentation, and other forms of instructional materials. The goal of this Website is to be of assistance to all CSLA Internet users -- beginners, intermediates, and experts.

If you would like to browse more detailed information about this Information Competence Website, please see our page on Organization and Purpose.

PLEASE HELP US KEEP THIS SITE CURRENT. To be effective, this site, as well as sites it refers to, must be updated frequently. We hope, you, the users, will help us in this task. If you feel something here has not helped you, or that you have found a site elsewhere that covers the instructional material better, please let us know.

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