The Department of History is proud to present the wonderful achievements by our outstanding students and faculty in showcasing the following newsletters.

FALL 2017 

Achievements include: Dr. Chatterjee, Dr. Dennis and her HIST 3050 class, Dr. Yao, Dr. Corey, Dr. Doran, Dr. Lee, Dr. Vergara, David Morse, Torrie Hester, Erwin Delgado, & Elizabeth Fragosa


Achievements include: Citlalli Anahuac, Sergio Maldonado, Pedro de Macedo, Katie Litertie, Jafet Rodriguez, Edwin Hurtado, Dr. Dennis and her HIST 3050 class, Clay Drees, Carrie Glenn, Dr. Ford, Dr. Vergara, Dr. Chatterjee, Dr. Doran, Dr. Yao, Dr. Cupchoy, Benjamin Baca, & Guadalupe Pena