Learning Outcomes

History Department Program Learning Outcomes

Approved December 1, 2017

At the completion of their program, history graduates will be able to…

Undergraduate Program

  1. Develop a body of historical knowledge with breadth of time and place—as well as depth of detail—in order to discern context.
  2. Acquire knowledge of the variety of historical methods required to interpret the various dimensions and multiple perspectives of the human past.
  3. Apply historical methodologies to decode the historical record with the awareness that its provisional, contradictory, and incomplete nature – in both its qualitative and quantitative dimensions – requires a preference for complexity and comfort with ambiguity.
  4. Create and communicate historical arguments and narratives. 
  5. Practice ethical historical inquiry as a central component of active citizenship that can apply the study of the past to issues of contemporary concern. 

Additional outcome for Teacher Preparation Option

  1. Use their knowledge of historical content and methods to develop lesson plans for classroom grades 6-12 that effectively convey the content and significance of history to students in an engaging manner. 

Graduate (MA) Program

  1. Acquire an expertise in the subject and scholarship of a historical subfield.
  2. Identify, summarize, appraise, and synthesize other scholars’ historical arguments and methodologies
  3. Devise and execute research projects that make original contributions to historical scholarship
  4. Craft well-supported historical narratives, arguments, and reports of research findings in a variety of media for a variety of audiences.
  5. Develop an ethical approach to historical inquiry that reflects deliberation, cooperation, and diverse perspectives.