Semester Conversion

Cal State LA is converting from quarters to semesters. Our last term on the quarter-based calendar is Spring 2016 and our first term on the semester-based calendar is Fall 2016, with Fall semester classes beginning on Monday, August 22, 2016. This page provides links to resources about semesters and the conversion process as well as about the new semester-based degree programs in English.

Semester Conversion Group Advisement Sessions

Do you have questions about Q2S? Do you want to get an overview of the new program? English Department advisers will be offering information sessions and answering questions. The next sessions are scheduled for:

Monday, June 1, 2015 (6/1/2015)

10:30am-11:30am and Noon-1pm

Salazar Hall C339

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Watch for Semester Conversion Group Advisement Sessions

Do you have questions about Q2S? Do you want to get an overview of the new program? Watch your campus email for information on group advisement sessions coming up. These sessions will not offer individual advisement and program planning, but will provide you with the information you need to clarify conversion and how it may impact you as an English major. Please attend a session that corresponds to your option (General or Single Subject Credential).

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Semester Program Materials

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Pre-Fall 2016 GE Catalog

Fall 2016 GE Catalog and Later

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Semester English Degree Programs

B.A. in English

The semester-converted undergraduate degree program developed by the English Department combines tradition and innovation. Core classes in traditional and longstanding areas of language, literary, and rhetorical study are combined with contemporary theory and literature to offer students a grounding in literatures and cultures and an introduction to their own times. These core classes are supplemented by elective courses that allow students to deepen their experience in language, literature, rhetoric and culture while exploring special topics that again range from the traditional to the contemporary.

Read more about the new undergraduate program . . .

M.A. in English

The graduate program in English was recently modified and has mostly been converted to semesters through simple unit conversion. The only substantive change relates to the culminating activity. The two-unit project (journal article or pedagogic portfolio) has been converted to a three-unit project, and the five-unit thesis has been converted to a six-unit thesis. This change in the number of units associated with the culminating activities reflects common practices at other universities, the actual expectations associated with each activity in relation to course work, and the desire to differentiate clearly between the various activities. The minimum number of units now required for the degree is the same regardless of culminating activity as opposed to the quarter-based program which required additional independent study units to equalize the various paths to degree.

Minors and Certificates

The department offers minors in creative writing and in English. Both minors were converted to semesters through simple unit conversion.

The department hosts an interdisciplinary minor in Comparative and Applied Linguistics and Literacy Studies. This minor was also converted through simple unit conversion, with some additional changes introduced to clarify the arrangement of courses taken to complete the minor.