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2nd Annual CSULA African American Academic Panel is
scheduled for Tuesday, February 7th, from
1:30pm-3:00. The panel is sponsored by the English Department, and
this year, the interdisciplinary panel will focus on
"Issues of Gender and Race in African American

The event is open to faculty, students and staff, and will be held
in Room 144 of the Biological Sciences Building.

Brief biographies of this year's participants are included below.


California State University, Los Angeles

Currently, the Acting Associate Dean of the College of Arts
and Letters, Bryant Alexander received his B.A. and M.S.
from the University of Southwestern Louisiana, and his Ph.D. from
Southern Illinois University. 

picture of Bryant Alexander

addition to publishing critical articles that assessed the
intersection of gender, race, and identity, Dr. Alexander
has co-edited the text, Performance
Theories in Education: Power, Pedagogy, and the Politics
of Identity
(2004), and has authored the forthcoming
book, Cultural Performance of/in Black Masculine Identity: Ethnographic
Explorations of Race, Culture, and Queer Identity





A professor of Multicultural
Community-Clinical Psychology, Dr. Shorter-Gooden won the
2004 American Book Award for her co-authored book, Shifting:
The Double Lives of Black Women in America
. After
receiving her B.A from
Princeton University
and her M.A. and Ph.D. from the University
Maryland, she has served as a Clinical Director at several
facilities and an academic who has researched and
published on a range of topics, including biraciality and
multiculturalism; gender and race; and black women and
identity in America


picture of Kumea Shorter-Gooden


Cal Poly Pomona

Renford Reese has focused his
teaching and research in the areas of Politics of Policy
Process, Race and the U.S. Criminal Justice System, and
Public Sector Leadership. Having earned his B.A. from
Vanderbilt University, M.A. from the Vanderbilt Institute for Public Policy,
and Ph.D. from the University
Southern California, Professor Reese has published a host of articles in
journals and newspapers. 

Image of Renford Reese

With the publication of his
books, American
Paradox: Young Black Men
(2004) and Leadership
in the LAPD: Walking the Tightrope
(2005), he has been
an international lecturer, speaking at the University
British Vancouver, the
University of
Toronto, the
New Bulgarian University, and the United Nation Research Institute in Geneva,
Switzerland. His forthcoming book, Prison
, investigates prison culture and the politics of

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