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The English Department will offer a new course in Winter 2009,
English 493 (“Approaches to Teaching Shakespeare’s Plays”),
which will be taught by Prof. McManus. Designed particularly for
Single Subject Credential students but open to all who are
interested in understanding Shakespeare’s plays more fully, the
course will address the following practical questions: 

  • If I’m not a theater person, how can I use performance
    approaches in the classroom? 

Image of Shakespeare
  • If I can’t understand
    the language, how will I help my students to do so? 

  • How can I make the history
    plays or the Roman plays relevant to today’s students?  

  • What role does critical
    theory play in high school Shakespeare instruction? 

  • How can I link typical
    adolescent concerns—coming of age, rebelling against authority, balancing
    friendships with romantic relationships, creating an identity in a world
    fraught with gossip and pressures to conform—to the plays we’ll

  • How can I transform
    seemingly dry and esoteric information, such as the textual notes indicating
    differences between quarto and folio editions, into fun, engaging
    assignments that stimulate critical thinking? 

  • How have Shakespeare’s
    plays been interpreted or even rewritten to serve different political and
    cultural agendas throughout the past four centuries? 

  • To what extent has
    Shakespeare become a global author?" 

Plays will include Much Ado About Nothing, The Tempest, Macbeth,
Othello, 1 Henry IV, Julius Caesar, Hamlet, and
(depending on student interest) either The Taming of the Shrew or Romeo
and Juliet

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