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Master of Arts Degree

The Master of Arts degree in English provides opportunities for advanced study in literature, criticism, language, creative writing, and composition and rhetoric. The program is designed for students planning to teach in a community college or to enter a doctoral program; for students seeking to develop their skills as creative writers, to teach creative writing, or to pursue careers in the media or other areas where a combination of creative ability, communication skills, and critical faculties may be particularly valuable; or for students planning to teach writing at the school, community college, or university level, to work as professional writing consultants.

For the most current program information, please consult the University Catalog.

Recent Grads

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Katharine Henry '15

Katharine Henry completed undergraduate degrees in English and Political Science at the University of California, Berkeley. In her coursework she felt particularly drawn to critical animal studies, disability and the nexus between them. In the English M.A. program at Cal State Los Angeles, Katharine enjoyed deeply exploring literary theory and reflecting on the body as a porous vessel mediating the anxieties and desires of self and society. With the inspiring support and encouragement of her professorial mentors . . . read more

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