CSULA Department of English | Comprehensive Examination Reading Lists

Overview of Comprehensive Examination

Period Reading Lists

Part II Primary Text(s)

Composition, Rhetoric, and Language

I.  Composition
and Rhetoric

  1. Bazerman, Charles and David Russell. 
    Landmark Essays
    on Writing Across the Curriculum

  2. Bizzell, Patricia. Academic
    Discourse and Critical Consciousness

  3. Connors, Robert. Composition-Rhetoric

  4. Crowley, Sharon.  Composition
    in the University

  5. Delpit, Lisa.  Other
    People’s Children

  6. Elbow, Peter.  Embracing

  7. Halasak, Kay and Nels Highberg. Landmark Essays on Basic Writing

  8. George Hillocks. Teaching Writing as Reflective Practice 

  9. Kent, Thomas. Post
    Process Theory: Beyond the Writing Process Paradigm

  10. Perl, Sondra, ed. Landmark
    Essays on Writing Process

  11. Gary Tate, Amy Rupiper, and Kurt Schick. A Guide to Composition

  12. Shor, Ira.  Freire
    for the Classroom

  13. Silva, Tony and Paul Kei Matsuda. 
    Landmark Essays
    on ESL Writing

  14. Villanueva, Victor.  Cross-Talk
    in Comp Theory

  15. Tobin, Lad and Thomas Newkirk. 
    Taking Stock: The
    Writing Process Movement
    the 90s.

II.  Language
and Literacy

  1. Barton, David.  Literacy:
    An Introduction to the Ecology of Written Language

  2. Barton, David and Mary Hamilton. 
    Local Literacies:
    Reading and Writing in One Community

  3. Comrie, Bernard. Language
    Universals and Linguistic Typology

  4. Courts, Patrick.  Multicultural
    Literacies: Dialect,
    Discourse, and Diversity

  5. Cushman, Ellen, Eugene Kintgen, Barry Kroll, and Mike Rose. 
    Literacy: A Critical Sourcebook

  6. Gilyard, Keith. 
    Voices of the Self

  7. Heath, Shirley Brice.  Ways
    with Words

  8. Kozol, Jonathan. 
    Savage Inequalities

  9. Lightbown, Patsy and Nina Spada. How Languages are Learned

  10. O’Grady, William. How
    Children Learn Language

  11. O’Grady, William et al.
    Contemporary Linguistics: An Introduction

  12. Rose, Mike. Lives on
    the Boundary

  13. Stubbs, Michael.  Language
    and Literacy

  14. Tannen, Deborah. You
    Just Don’t Understand: Women and Men in Conversation

  15. Villanueva, Victor. 

  16. Wolfram, Walt, and Natalie Schilling-Estes. American
    English: Dialects and Variation

  17. Wolfram, Walt, and Erik R. Thomas. The Development
    of African American